Reforestation will not make our flights any greener. But it is a way to help restore the balance between carbon emissions and absorption: forests can potentially absorb billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO₂) per year. While we are working on reducing our CO₂ emissions in several ways, reforestation helps to reduce existing carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere. We support 3 different reforestation projects.

What is reforestation?

Forests were lost due to human activity or natural disturbances. Reforestation provides us with new trees. These trees absorb carbon dioxide. Though it sounds simple, it involves more than just planting trees. For example, knowledge about local tree species and the local climate is needed. Also, trees must be protected and given a long time to grow. That’s why we selected 3 different certified projects.

Why forests are important

Forests are the lungs of our planet. Plants and trees clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and turning it into oxygen. But through human activities like burning fossil fuels and deforestation, carbon dioxide levels in the air are higher than nature can handle. In aviation, we also use a fossil fuel: kerosene. When we burn kerosene, it produces carbon dioxide.

What is CO₂?

Carbon dioxide (CO₂) is a gas also produced in nature; it is food for plants. But when there is too much CO₂ in the atmosphere, heat is trapped around the earth. This is what leads to global warming.

Reforestation projects

Since 2017 we have supported a reforestation project in Panama. In 2022, we added 2 projects in Uganda and Colombia to our portfolio. Because reforestation is more than just planting trees, our selected projects are all:

Carbon credits

A carbon credit is a certificate issued for every tonne of carbon emissions a verified project has absorbed, reduced, or stored. When we buy a carbon credit, we support the reforestation project and compensate for 1 ton of our CO₂ emissions.

As a passenger, you can support our carbon offset by adding reforestation to your booking. The price for your contribution is based on the estimated CO₂ emissions per person on your flight. With this contribution, we don't buy trees but carbon credits. We purchase carbon credits from FORLIANCE.


Your carbon footprint

When you book a flight at KLM, we offer the option to compensate for part of the estimated CO₂ emissions of your flight. How? By contributing to our selected reforestation project. The price for your contribution is calculated based on several factors that influence the amount of CO₂ emissions of your flight, like the type of aircraft, distance, and historical load factor.

Reforestation prices for flights departing from Amsterdam

About calculating your carbon emissions

Every year the French branch of accountancy organisation KPMG audits KLM to verify whether KLM’s calculation methods comply with the methods described below and are in line with principles as defined by international guidelines. The audit scope is available in the KPMG audit report.

Our latest methods and audit report:

Check the expected amount of CO₂ emissions for your flight in My Trip or when you book a flight.

Your contribution

During your booking, on the same page where you choose your seat or add baggage, you can add CO₂ compensation to your booking. You can also do that later in My Trip.

Want to do more?

Increasing the sustainability of our industry is our responsibility. There are small ways you can contribute. You can contribute to a more sustainable alternative to our regular fuel: Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Or you can make a slight difference by packing light or choosing other transportation options, such as taking the train instead of a connecting flight.

More about SAF

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