Rotterdam retro-icon: the Euromast

The port, the Erasmus Bridge, the summer carnival? No, it’s the Euromast that has been the icon of Rotterdam for more than half a century. Originally built for the 1960 Floriade flower festival, and later almost doubled in height, the Euromast has been a popular attraction for decades and is still the highest lookout tower in the Netherlands.

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From Euromast to Space Tower

In 1960, the very first Floriade in the Netherlands was opened by Princess Beatrix. In the park with flowerbeds, ponds, pavilions and a cable car, the 100-metre-high Euromast was the main attraction. It was the tallest building in Rotterdam at that time and quite an achievement in those days - architect Huig Maaskant went all out for this project. The foundation consists of a block of concrete that weighs almost 2 million kilograms and the asymmetrical steel and glass crow’s nest weighs 240,000 kilograms. The colossus (which now also houses a restaurant) was built on the ground and in 5 days lifted to an elevation of 100 metres. Even after the Floriade the Euromast remained a top attraction, drawing half a million visitors each year. 10 years later the mast was no longer the tallest building in Rotterdam. A second tower was built on top of it: the Space Tower with the Euroscoop, a glass elevator that rotates as it ascends to the 185-metre-high top.

Abseiling, dining or a 5-star suite

'Everything changes except the view', was the recommendation when the Euromast underwent a comprehensive renovation at the start of the new millennium. The mast reopened in 2004 with a brand-new contemporary restaurant in the crow’s nest. Here you can enjoy brunch, lunch, high tea or dinner, all with the same fabulous views. Interior designer Jan des Bouvrie has decorated 2 luxurious suites on top of the restaurant. From 10:00 pm until 10:00 am, hotel guests have the viewing platform all to themselves – the highest balcony in the whole of Rotterdam. Another new addition is the opportunity to abseil at the tower - nerves of steel are a must.

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